Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Every time you want to build something there is allways a message from the past.

Archaeological dig on a site of a new home they have found there was a settlement there at least 7,000 years ago. here are a few web sites I have found more about it on this site.hagoshrim 

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  1. Oh boy!! I have heard that happen so often. Yesterday I went for a short walk with some of my family to a place called Monks Haven. About 30 or so years ago a friend of ours was digging, with a JCB, footings for the people who owned the house near there and he dug up some skeletons. The police etc had to be called and there was a fuss until the coroner ruled that they were probably skeletons from an extra graveyard for the monks!! So you are right!! Who knows what can of worms you open when you decide to dig footings! Joan